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    Mac OS X freezes while trying to empty Trash

    I moved few backup folders around 50 folders to trash from external drive, but when I tried to empty the trash my computer freezes and this repeats all the time if I try to empty it. Am sure this is not because of any virus files, but tell me how to fix this permanently.

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    Re: Mac OS X freezes while trying to empty Trash

    Freezing problem is common in every mac system.We don't know when this freeze problem occurs.Implement the below simple tips for avoiding the freezing problems.
    If freeze occurs restart the system once and check freeze problem resolved or not,
    Update the mac os x frequently,
    If you don't know how to resolve the freeze problem then contact the mac system specialist.
    Remove the virus files from your system immediately.

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    Re: Mac OS X freezes while trying to empty Trash

    Well dear freezing problem is a common problem in all the mac systems.you can solve this by following these steps.
    <>you should try to restart your system and see if your problem has been resolved.
    <>you should delete all the virus files which are present there in your mac as they might be the reason for your cause.
    If your problem is not solved then you can go to the mac store.thank you

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