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    Mac Spotlight search doesn’t work for external drivers

    Anyone faced the same problem? Any idea like why the Spotlight search is not working for external drives? It will list the drive as such but whenever I do the search it won’t do it for the external drive too.

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    Re: Mac Spotlight search doesn’t work for external drivers

    Dear User*******
    ++++++++++++Try this approach for this issue++++++++

    ********** At first connect external drive via USB port.

    **********Now check after connecting what is error occurred.

    **********And check your operating system confrontation.

    **********This is due due to low confrontation of system.

    **********And also corrupted of windows file .

    **********Now repair your OS via insert OS DVD.

    **********Now install avast antivirus software and scan whole system via boot scanning .

    **********After it install that external device software again.

    **********Now re start your device

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