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    Mac video is slow in Facetime application

    I am using my Mac Facetime application for the video chat and whenever I try to start the video it just shows it very slow and I am hardly able to see the the streaming of video from the other end. Why is that? What should I do to make it work properly? Please help.

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    Re: Mac video is slow in Facetime application

    Hi friend,

    There are many reasons behind if facetime application is slow.So,first of all know the problem behind the facetime application is slow and implement the remedies

    +++ Reasons for facetime application is slow :

    1. Due to internet signal is slow.

    2. Due to using less speed internet package.

    3. May be system becomes slow.

    4. Due to virus files exist you are facing slow problem.

    +++ Remedies for increasing the facetime application fast access :

    1. Use the 3G connection for fast access.

    2. Restart the system once and try again to use facetime.

    3. Update the facetime application.

    4. Install the system speed up boosters.

    5. Delete the facetime application and re-install it.

    Thank you................

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    Re: Mac video is slow in Facetime application

    Hello Friend,

    Reason :
    That Problem Occurred Mostly By The Internet Speed Means If You Using The Slow Internet Connection Than That Problem Happened Mostly Time.

    Solution :

    >> Firstly Connected Your System To Good Speed Internet Connection.

    >> Than Open The Face-time Apps And Start The Video Chat

    >> This Time Your Problem Solved Automatically

    I Hope That Info Is Usefully

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    Re: Mac video is slow in Facetime application

    Hi friend,

    The following is the procedure for solving the problem of Mac video is slow in Facetime application.

    At first you have to connect the system to the 'Good speed internet connection'.

    Then the Facetime application is to be opened.

    Now the video chat is to be started.


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    Re: Mac video is slow in Facetime application

    Well dear facetime application needs a high internet speed.your problem is occuring due to slow internet speed.
    <>so you should make your internet connection from that service which should provide you a better speed.
    <>now you should use your facetime application and use it.
    I think you will not face any problem anymore.
    Best of luck

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