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    Macbook Air fail to open iTunes

    I am in problem as in my Macbook Air it is not able to open iTunes. I have restarted the system again but it didnít help in solving the problem. What should I do next? Please share a solution.

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    Re: Macbook Air fail to open iTunes

    now you are facing a problem related that you are unable to open the itunes.

    This problem may be due to

    Unproper internet connection
    your device not meets requirement to open the itunes
    Firewall issue
    Virus problem
    Host file corrupted
    Very older version of itunes

    you can solve that problem by checking one by one issue & find out the issue & solve it.

    Fix the problem of unable to open the itunes

    --> Check your internet connection is properly or not.Determine that this problem is only for itunes in your device.
    --> Check your device meets the requirement of itunes
    --> Log out from Apple & again Log in & then try to open the itunes
    --> Some time , it is blocked by software firewell.so check

    Go to "system preference" from apple menu
    now click on "security" and then "sharing"
    now select tab "Firewall" tab
    test the issue
    if it persist , then reduce restriction to firewall

    --> sometims , it may also blocked by configuration setting.so check it
    --> download & install the antivirus & scan your mac device & delete the virus from your mac device.
    --> Host file also may block the itunes.so
    Uninstall the itunes & reinstall itunes with new version

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