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    Macbook Clock freezing problem

    From recent past I am facing this issue where the Macbook clock which is present in the menu bar gets stuck and doesn't work at all. Why this is happening? Can someone tell me what might be the cause for it? I just want to make it work properly. What all steps to take for it? Kindly guide me.

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    Re: Macbook Clock freezing problem

    Hi friend,

    This clock freezing problem is common in some macbook systems.But don't worry you can resolve this issue by following the below instructions.

    +++ Steps to resolve the clock freezing problem in macbook :

    1. Once restart the macbook and check clock now.

    2. Upgrade the system firmware regularly for avoiding the clock freezing.

    3. Check the virus files and delete it.Because this also create freezing issue.

    4. Reset the macbook and install the new os.

    5. Clear the cache memory and check again.

    Even you can't rectify the clock freezing consult the macbook specialist.

    Thank you...........

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    Re: Macbook Clock freezing problem

    Hi friend................

    Macbook Clock freezing problem..................

    one solution from somewhere else and it solved my problem. from what I found, the reason for such an issue is corrupted plist file.

    1. Delete or move the following file to your desktop, I prefer moving so it can be restored back in case this solution didn't work.


    (You can access your library by pressing the option key before clicking the Go menu in Finder)

    2. Restart you computer.

    Hop this will work for you.

    Note: It took me 3-4 restarts to solve the issue completely

    It's Applicable all Menubars like Clock,Spotlight,networks

    All the best..............

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    Re: Macbook Clock freezing problem

    Hello Friend,

    Just Follow Some Steps Are :

    >> Firstly Restart The System

    >> After That Connect With Internet Than Check For Update

    >> And Update Your System OS

    >> After That Restart The System

    >> After That Your System Clock Work Fine.

    I Hope That Info Is Usefully

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    Re: Macbook Clock freezing problem

    You will face this freezing problems when you not updated the system regularly or not clearing the cache memory or because of virus files or any system slow process.So,you need to follow instructions to avoid freeze problem,
    Reset the device and install the new clock application,
    Switch off the macbook and again switch on and check freeze problem resolved or not,
    Delete the virus files from your system,
    Install the new os for macbook and take precautions from now to avoid freeze and stuck problems.

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    Re: Macbook Clock freezing problem

    hi sir..................
    macbook freezing problem because its motherboard cell is very week . this is main problem clock freezing.
    solution this problem
    1.turn off your mac
    2. open CPU from screw driver
    3. change new cell
    4. and restart your mac
    5. then time and date set
    your problem solve
    thank you sir

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