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    Macbook OS X 10.5.8 failed to read External Hard Disk

    I have an sony external hard disk with 1TB disk size, half of the disk is filled and half remained empty. When I connected this disk on my macbook with os x 10.5.8 nothing is shown on my device, I have tried with different usb ports but no joy. Please help me with a resolution.

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    Re: Macbook OS X 10.5.8 failed to read External Hard Disk

    hello guest
    this problem might be due to these reasons:-
    # improper connection of external harddisk with mac.
    # may be you hard disk is faulted.
    # connecting slot of you mac is faulted.
    # may be due to virus atatch either in your mac or your external harddisk.

    Solution steps for your problem are:-
    # first of all restart your mac.
    # now check your external harddisk it must not be cracked.
    # replace iit if found faulted.
    # now check and repair connecting slot of your mac.
    # connect external harddisk to your mac.
    # than scan your mac and your external harddisk before opening it.
    # refresh your system.
    Now you will able to see content inside it.
    good bye

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