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    Macbook Pro 15 unable to uninstall programmes

    My Macbook Pro 15 is unable to uninstall programmes from the system. It doesnt even start the update on clicking the icon. Is this some software related snag? Please suggest a solution to fix this snag.

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    arunwillbe1 Array
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    Re: Macbook Pro 15 unable to uninstall programmes

    Hi friend,

    Don't worry for macbook pro 15 unable to uninstall the programmes.You are facing this issue because of the trying program to uninstall is currently running in background.You resolve this issue by completely close the running program and do the uninstall.Follow the below steps to done

    +++ Steps to follow to resolve the unable to uninstall programmes in macbook pro 15 :

    1. First of all close the all programs which you are running from task manager window.

    2. After closing go to the apple menu and tap the system preferences.

    3. Here you will see the control panel.So,tap it.

    4. Now again here find and tap the add or remove program option.

    5. Here select the program which you want to uninstall and tap uninstall option.

    6. After uninstall once restart the macbook pro 15 and check program completely uninstall or not.

    Thank you...................

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    saicharan Array
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    Re: Macbook Pro 15 unable to uninstall programmes

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...............................

    1.Firstly open the Finder application.

    2.There you search for the software which you want to remove and then try to move them to the trash.

    3.If still have the problem then it can be the problem of the virus.

    4.So you install the best antivirus software and then use it.

    5.If that is also not your problem then this is the problem of the OS.

    6.So you try to get the CD of the OS and then install it by formatting the previous.

    All the best..................................

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    Re: Macbook Pro 15 unable to uninstall programmes


    Suggestions --------------->
    * You need to go to the control panel.
    * Now you need to go to the uninstall option.
    * See the application you need to uninstall.
    * Now you need to select and uninstall the application.

    Make sure that ------------>
    * Update to the latest software in device is highly needed.
    * You need fast net connection for this update.
    * Do not download any software from any unsafe site.
    * Make sure that device is free from virus status.
    * Have the antivirus in device and update the virus definitions.
    * Also see that RAM in device is up to maximum limit.
    * You can visit the service center and can upgrade the RAM.
    * Maintain space in the device memory every time.
    * Use memory cleaner app to clean the memory of the device.
    * Never download any application from non market.
    * This is because it bring the risk of the virus and damage the software.
    * Also have the backup of the important files.


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    Re: Macbook Pro 15 unable to uninstall programmes


    Instruction to remove the application form the Mac:-

    1. First Restart computer;

    2. Now Repair Permission of app by Right Click on the App & reset the Permissions ;

    3. Now try to remove the application;

    4. If again face the issue then use the App-cleaner application for removing the app.


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    Re: Macbook Pro 15 unable to uninstall programmes

    Dear user

    This eeror occurs when uninstaller is attacked by virus and uninstaller is damaged. Now since uninstalled is damaged then how can you delete your application. So install any good antivirus. update your applications. If required change your os. his willl surely help you.


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    Re: Macbook Pro 15 unable to uninstall programmes

    Hello my Dear Friend ...

    Follow the below steps carefully

    Usually Instead of requiring you to Un install a Program , OS X lets you Simply
    "" TRASH "" it to Remove it From your Macbook Pro

    You can Uninstall Software to Free up the
    Space on your Hard Drive for other Programs and Files ..

    First of all go to the OS X desktop ..

    Then in the Top left .. you will find the
    "" FINDER "" .. you just click it

    Now select the
    " Applications " .Browse through the Applications directory until you locate the Folder for the PROGRAM that you want to Uninstall

    So now Drag the PROGRAM FOLDER to the
    "" TRASH ICON "" on the " OS X APPLICATION DOCK ""

    Now click the
    Spotlight on the Top Right corner of the OS X desktop

    Trag the Files to the
    TRASH .. from the Search option

    You can
    press and Hold the "" CTRL "" key ..

    Click the
    TRASH ICON ., then Click "" EMPTY ""

    Now try to
    Restart the Macbook pro to Complete the Uninstall process

    That is it


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    matamanju Array
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    Re: Macbook Pro 15 unable to uninstall programmes

    Hello Friend

    1.you have to select the application after selecting the finder on the top of the left of the OS x.

    2.Which you want to uninstall browser through the applications directory until you locate the folder for the program.

    3.Now Drag the program folder to the trash icon on the OS X application dock.

    4.on the top of the right corner click the spot light enter the program name in the search box, and then click the search button.

    5.Press and hold the control key and click the the trash icon, then click the empty.

    6.Restart you Mac Book pro to complete the Uninstall process.

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    Re: Macbook Pro 15 unable to uninstall programmes

    Dear person***********
    ++++++++++++Try these steps for this issue++++++++

    *********Go to control panel from start screen of mac os system.

    *********Now under the control panel window click add and remove programs.

    *********After clicking you will get list of programs window.'

    *********Under that window click on display all link of programs.

    *********now you can check your service pack install or not.

    *********Now select programs which you want to remove.

    *********After select program above select uninstall link .

    *********Under click on it process will start .

    *********After some time process will complete .

    *********Now restart your computer.

    *********Now your problem will solve

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    Re: Macbook Pro 15 unable to uninstall programmes

    >hi friends
    >follow the below steps
    >first of all go to start menu
    >now click on the control panel
    >now click on the add and remove programs
    >now you will see the list of programs
    >now click on the all links of display programs
    >now check the srevice pack install or not
    >now select the program which one you want remove
    >now uninstall it
    >finally restart your device
    >i hope this information help you
    >all the best

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    Re: Macbook Pro 15 unable to uninstall programmes

    Macbook Pro 15 unable to uninstall programmes:

    • First of all turn on your device
    • After this, go to "System Preferences"
    • From here choose "Control Panel" and open it
    • From here select the option "Add or Remove Programs"
    • Here you will find the list of programs installed on your system
    • From this list choose the program which you wish to uninstall
    • Now click the "Uninstall" button
    • After this restart your system
    • Your problem will be solved

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    Re: Macbook Pro 15 unable to uninstall programmes

    Dear Aspirant ..

    when you are unable to Uninstall the program's in Macbook pro then look at the steps which are mentioned below as follows :

    Close all the running applications

    make sure that the program that you are willing to Uninstall is not being used by any other program .

    Launch the Finder application and enter the name of the program that you want to delete .

    select it and move it to trash and empty the Trash .

    thank you...

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