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    Macbook Pro Charging light not turning up

    Itís been 1 year since I am using my Macbook Pro and now itís not turning up after I switched it off and when the charger is on itís not able to show up the light too. Why is this happening? What might be the problem with my Macbook Pro? What can I do now to make it work?

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    Re: Macbook Pro Charging light not turning up

    Hello guest if your macbook pro is not showing up light on charging or it is not trurning up than i must tell you that it is seffering from a very serious problem and this problem is very dangerous for your macbook pro. It can make i permanently faulted and the main reason behing this is the strong virus attack on your mac just follow this procedure to resolve this dangerous problem 1 use internet and goto mac store room 2 download a latest a very good antivirus 3 scan whole files folder derives of macbook pro 4 than restart your device 5 also avoid it from over charging good bye

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    Re: Macbook Pro Charging light not turning up

    Hi friend,

    Due to some common reasons you are facing macbook pro charging light not turning up.Some of the reasons are

    ---> Due to charging light got damaged internally in macbook pro.

    ---> Due to the power switch of charging is not turned on.

    ---> Due to power is not coming to macbook pro for charging due to charger problem.

    ---> Due to loose connection in charging port you are facing this issue.

    +++ Steps to follow to resolve the charging light not turning up in macbook pro :

    1. If charging light not working then repair it first immediately.

    2. If power switch not turned on to charge then turn on first and check charging light on or not.

    3. If loose connecting in charging port then re-insert properly.

    4. Check the main power supply is turn off or not.If turn off then wait until it comes.

    Thank you..................

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    Re: Macbook Pro Charging light not turning up

    Hello Friend

    You have to
    press the indicator on the side of the Mac book to see if there is any power at all.

    If there is any
    green light flashing, then there is power in the machine.

    You may even try to
    reset the S M C.


    If the charger
    doesn't stay lit up and charge another mac like you said.

    Then it could be that the
    charger is dead and that your Mac book simply ran out of power.

    If the
    charger is fine , then you have something more serious going on.

    hard drive might have crashed along with the mother board , because its not turning on.

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