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    Method to restore the lost "driver.AppleBacklight" file on Mac OS X 10.6.5?

    On my mac machine, am always notified that the driver.AppleBacklight is missing on your computer and I don't know what it is, so tell me is there any method with which I can restore this file and avoid this notification? Please let me know the complete procedure if any method exists. Please respond soon.

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    Re: Method to restore the lost "driver.AppleBacklight" file on Mac OS X 10.6.5?

    Hi friend,

    You can easily restore the lost driver.apple backlight file in mac system by following the below instructions.

    ---> First of all turn on the mac os x system.

    ---> In home screen of the mac locate and open the recycle bin folder.

    ---> After open the recycle bin folder you will see the all deleted files.

    ---> Among this select and tap the options for driver which you want to restore.

    ---> In options you will see the restore option.

    ---> So,tap the restore option and conform it.

    ---> Now your driver file is restored successfully.

    If not then download the driver again to your mac system.

    Thank you..................

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