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    MPEG2 video file not working

    Updated my Mac with Lion OS and now I have no idea why the MPEG2 video files not working because in previous Snow Leopard it was working fine without any issues. What is that need to be done for making it work as usual? Kindly give me all the information which are needed for the same. Thanks.

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    Re: MPEG2 video file not working

    This is because of the mpeg2 video format file is not supported for your media player.
    Because of this the mpeg2 video file is unable to play.You can play this by changing the format to supported format.For converting do the mentioned things.First of all turn on the mac system and download and install the total video converter.After install restart and open the application.After open find and tap the new task option.After open you will see the new window to select the mpeg2 video file.So,choose the which one is not playing and tap the done to upload to total video converter.After locating select the destination file format option and tap the convert option.Now wait until the files conversion completes.After completing select the converted file and play it.

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    Re: MPEG2 video file not working

    dear sir
    your window media player is not support the mpeg2 file support . you simple solution is you download the new mpeg player & you download the total video converter . install the converter & convert the mpeg to mp4 play the file .
    3 option is you download the vlc player . vlc player is support the mpeg file. ok sir you choose your option

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    Re: MPEG2 video file not working

    What about download VLC player, a universal media player works well on Mac and Windows or Linux.
    or convert mpeg to MOV format using AppGeeker, a Mac default compatible file extension.
    If you love to using QuickTime as a default player in your Mac, you can install a flip4mac plugin on it, and this works as well.

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    Re: MPEG2 video file not working

    Hi friend.......

    Your windows media player is not supporting the MPEG2 format

    so you need to follow the below steps

    first you can uninstall the windows media player

    And you can go to the Internet

    and download the latest version

    And install again

    this time try once i hope it is working

    otherwise you can download the VLC player

    And install it

    Thats all your problem solved

    Thank You...........

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    Re: MPEG2 video file not working

    Hello my dear friend ...

    Kindly follow the below steps carefully

    MPEG 2 is a generic coding for the Moving Pictures and the Associated Audio information

    I think the Player can not find a Suitable "" DECODER "" for the File

    It is possible that WMP may try to download an Appropriate codec to play back the file However

    So assuming that does not happen

    You will have to Install Some Software on your computer TO PLAY MPEG 2 VIDEO

    So you try to Download VLC MEDIA PLAYER

    Then Install it


    That is it


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    Re: MPEG2 video file not working

    Hello Friend

    First of all click the file menu.

    Now you will select the Open file option.

    Now you will click the browse button next to first white at the top of the window with title open

    Now navigate through your hard drive for the video you wish to watch and select it.

    After that you have select the video

    Now You will click the OK and VLC will start pleying the video you choose.

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    Re: MPEG2 video file not working


    This is a general problem.
    As this format of the video is not recognized by the mac or system.
    You need to change the video format to run the file.

    Download video converter from app store.
    When you download that run it and add the MPEG2 video file.
    Convert this to MP4 file.
    After receiving the output you can play that video easily.


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