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    Is it possible to upgrade the Mac hardware configuration?

    I want to know if it is possible for me to upgrade my MAC hardware configuration? If so can you please what all I can change to boost the speed of my Mac?

    Steps to fix the new hardware by our own? Please provide me the details with good explanation. Thanks.

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    ankit60 Array
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    Re: Is it possible to upgrade the Mac hardware configuration?

    Well dear you can not upgrade hardware configuration of macbook.well macbook is a device which has already so many requirements.so you can not upgrade them.these are preinstalled and decided by the manufacturing company.if you try to upgrade it them mostly you will do the damage to it and which is not good for you and your macbook.i think your problem will be solved now.thank you

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    saicharan Array
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    Re: Is it possible to upgrade the Mac hardware configuration?

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say........

    1.I am very sorry to say this but you cannot able to upgrade your Mac hardware configuration.

    2.As we know that we cannot upgrade the configuration of the laptop.

    3.Mac is also similar to that so we cannot able to upgrade it.

    4.If you try upgrade it then you have to open all the parts which is impossible.

    5.If you do it forcely then you have to loose your Mac for ever.

    All the best............

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    nareshinsa123 Array
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    Re: Is it possible to upgrade the Mac hardware configuration?


    dear i am sorry that you can not upgrade the your mac hardware configuration.

    i am telling you the answer of this by the example of the lap top as the lap top

    hardware can not be upgraded on the same way you can not do for your mac

    device but if you have some problem then you can repair them.


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    Samuel Array
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    Re: Is it possible to upgrade the Mac hardware configuration?

    Dear Friend...

    MacBook and its other version are not upgradable.
    You can simply understand like this as you are using a laptop which can't be upgrade, similarly with MacBook, it can't be possible.
    MacBook is a device which is already have sufficient hardware requirements and all these configuration is pre-installed and decided by the manufacturer company.
    If you want to upgrade, then you can use only external hardware devices which are as follows:-

    1. Hard disk

    2. Graphic Card

    3. External RAM

    4. Processor

    A part from that, you can also use Keyboard, mouse and disc drive which can be used externally internally, you can't make such changes as you might have chance to loose the warranty.

    Thank you...

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