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    Problem changing home folder username in Macbook Pro

    I got a second hand Macbook Pro from my friend and now the home folder had his username so I tried changing the folder from terminal with move (mv) command but now I am not able to see any pic or music in the respective folders. Why is that? What is the issue? How to resolve it now? Please help.

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    Re: Problem changing home folder username in Macbook Pro

    Hello my dear friend ...

    Follow the below steps

    Launch the Directory Utility from the Applications ... Utilities folder

    Click the Lock Icon

    Then Enter your Administrator Username and Password ...click OK

    From the Edit menu... click the Enable Root user

    Enter the New Password ... click OK

    Then Logout

    And Log in with the Root user New Password

    Open a New finder window from the Dock

    Open the Users folder

    select Admin ... then go to the iClarified

    After this click on System Preferences

    Select the Accounts button from there

    After that tap on the + symbol

    You need to Enter the details and click Create Account

    Open with the New details

    So this way you can Change it


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    Re: Problem changing home folder username in Macbook Pro


    Make sure that ---->
    * Folder file is not corrupted.
    * You can re boot your device to recheck.
    * This may solve your problem .

    ** Delete such folder which has such errors.
    ** Also have a antivirus in mac for security.
    ** Secure your device every time and then create a folder.


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