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    Problem converting the NTFS volume to other file system in Mac?

    I am just trying to convert the NTFS volume drive to the other file system in Mac but itís just I get some error and I am not able to convert it all. Why this is happening? I have tried with several application too but no help. Can you please provide me a solution for this? Thanks.

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    Re: Problem converting the NTFS volume to other file system in Mac?

    NTFS is the standard file system for microsoft window and hard drive.
    when your wants format ,partition always in the form of NTFS as a default file system format and it's compatible to Mac device.you can also convert this file system to other file system such as FAT32 file system whenever you wants.
    If you want to convert the file system of any partition from NTFS to other files system , then you require to format that partition.

    Convert NTFS file system to other in Mac device

    --> Connect your Hard drive with your PC by data cable
    --> now Go to "My computer" and right click on it and select "Manage"
    --> now select "disk management" at the left side pane
    --> now you will see all the partition of your hard drive with its all information such as drive name , its capacity , free space , file system.
    --> click on any partition and right click on it.now select "Format"
    --> choose "FAT32 as a file system" and select "Finish"
    now your hard drive partition will formating and convert from NTFS to FAT32 file system.

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