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    Problem with Logitech Webcam with Mac

    Bought the new Logitech Webcam c250 to use it for video chat in my Mac but now when I try to connect it with my Mac it doesn’t get recognized at all. What might be the issue? Can you please give me the information which are needed to fix my problem? Right now my Logitech Webcam is lying without any use.

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    mahhiads Array
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    Re: Problem with Logitech Webcam with Mac

    Hello Friend,

    You Don't Install Driver For The Webcam So Firstly Installed The Software......

    Process To Use The Webcam :


    1. Firstly Download Following Software/Driver And Install Any One In Your Mac OS :

    >> UVC Driver
    >> iChat
    >> Facetime HD

    2. Than Connect Your Webcam And PC Though The USB

    3. Than Open The Driver/Software Which You Installed Above

    4. After That You Have Connected With The Webcam Though The Software So Access The Webcam.........

    I Hope That Post Helpfully For You

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    Samuel Array
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    Re: Problem with Logitech Webcam with Mac

    Dear Friend..

    You have not follow all the steps for using the webcam.
    Very few webcams have this problem that they are not compatible with Mac but your Webcam is Compatible but you need to follow these instructions:-

    1. Open the Webcam packing.
    2. Takeout the Webcam and connect it with Mac via USB in Mac USB port.
    3. Now take out the CD/DVD which comes with Webcam. This contains all the drivers and software's which are necessary for Webcam installation.
    4. Insert this DVD/CD in your DVD drive and copy the software's or CD in your hard disk for further.
    5. Remove DVD and have a look to the manual guide of the Webcam which gives you info about how to install this webcam.
    6. Now follow the manual and start installing the set-up.
    7. Click on the set-up, extract the files and finish the installation.
    8. Once installation is finished, your System may asked for reboot system now, click Ok and Reboot the system.
    9. Start PC again and see a Webcam Icon on the screen.
    10. Double click on that and see yourself in in webcam.

    You can adjust your settings and hope this info solve your query.

    thank you..

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    Re: Problem with Logitech Webcam with Mac

    Dear Friend...

    It because that you haven't go through the complete installation.
    May be you skipped some of the steps due to which it creates the problem.
    Follow this steps:-

    1. First you uninstall the drivers which are previously installed in your device.
    2. Now open the disc drive and insert the disc of Webcam drivers.
    3. Install all its drivers in your Mac and also copy the drivers in your Mac drive for future.
    4. When you complete the installation, click on the webcam icon and it asked for the Webcam to connect.
    5. Then connect your Webcam with Mac in USB post.
    6. When it will detect, start video chatting on Skype or some other messenger.

    hope this helps too
    thank you...

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    Re: Problem with Logitech Webcam with Mac

    Hello Dear Friend ..

    Kindly follow the below process

    Using the Logitech Webcam you can

    <> Take Photos

    <> Record Videos

    <> Look at Videos and Photos

    <> Share photos via email

    I think your Logitech Webcam did not follow the " REQUIREMENTS "

    Check weather they are correct or not

    USB 2.0

    2 GB RAM

    1280 * 720 screen Resolution Support

    Intel 2.4 GHz core 2 Duo CPU

    Broadband Internet with 1 mbp upload or higher

    So check them once


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