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    Recording internal sound in Mac with Quicktime Player

    I have recorded a video and now I need to upload to the youtube but the sound clarity in the video is really bad as it is from external source. So now I need to record sound internally from my Mac as like using the mic to record and add it in the video. How can I do that in Quicktime Player? Is it possible? Please give me the steps to follow

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    Re: Recording internal sound in Mac with Quicktime Player

    Yes you can record Internal sound,follow these steps,
    You need to install "SoundFlower''(Download Link http://www.cycling74.com/products/soundflower)
    Now goto ''system preferences'' and Then ''Sound''.In the output tab select "SoundFlower 2CH".(Note after this change, you wont hear any sound from your computerís speakers as itís all being routed to Soundflower.

    Now make sure that every other application that makes sounds is turned off while doing your recoring recording ( like Growl notifications, iChat etc).
    Now start Quick time player and Hit the Screen Recording in the 'File' menu.

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    Re: Recording internal sound in Mac with Quicktime Player


    For recording internal sound in mac with quicktime player follow these steps:

    Install the soundflower software.

    Open it.

    Choose system preferences option.

    Click sound option.

    Choose output option.

    Click soundflower2ch.

    start recording now and off the sounds in other apps.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Recording internal sound in Mac with Quicktime Player

    You can record the internal sound in mac quicktime player.For this you need to follow the below things.
    Tap the mac system home screen.This can be done by pressing the power on button.After turn on locate the quicktime player application and open it.After open play the media file for which you want to record internal sound.While playing move the cursor towards the top and tap the options.In options you will see the record option.After tapping record a new look will open for recording the sound for which you are playing.So,play the media file and tap the start option in record.That's it now your media file is recording.After completing the record tap the stop option.After tapping the stop the recorded file is automatically saved to mac system.You can play this recorded file again in mac system.

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