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    Runescape graphics problem in Macbook?

    I have installed the runescape game in my Macbook without any issues but now the moment I double-clicked and start the game it asked for automatic setting of the Graphics but when I clicked OK the whole game got crashed and now it doesn't work at all. What to do now? Is there anyway to fix the problem and make it work?

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    Re: Runescape graphics problem in Macbook?

    :: This the compatibility issue so need to wait for time for responding the program.

    :: Try to repair the disk permission.

    :: Try to reinstall the applications that cause this type problem.

    :: Otherwise restart the Mac system and then check the graphics problem goes or not.

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    Re: Runescape graphics problem in Macbook?

    Dear Friend..

    At initial stage, you won't get any problem to play this game. You can install this game without any issue but when you are ready to play, then it will create problem because this games itself demands a graphic card.

    Have a look to the games hardware configuration first and then decide what to do:-

    1. Intel Pentium 4 1.3GHz
    2. 128MB 3D graphics card
    3. Nvidia GeForce 6500
    4. Minimum RAM: 256 MB
    5. Hard Drive Space
    6. DirectX Version 8 Needed

    A part from these graphics, you also required to install Java Runtime Environment version 1.6, update 10.

    So, once you have the following requirements, then you can easily install and play this game,

    Thank You..

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