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    Screen sharing stopped working

    I am using Mac Mini as Plex Media server. I am facing a problem refreshing the screen via screen sharing and the problem started right from the first day. Earlier I was using iScreen so This time also used the same but now it behaves in strange manner. Now i am trying to remove it but not able to do that as well. I have tried using command line but failed. What should I do?

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    Re: Screen sharing stopped working


    Steps to follow:

    =) Move to the system preference in to Mac-book.

    =) Once the system preference is open then you have to select the “Sharing” option.

    =) Now under it, choose the screen and enable/disable it.

    =) Then you check the issue goes or not.

    =) Else reset the NVRAM.


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    Re: Screen sharing stopped working

    dear sir
    first you check the connectivity .check the setting . you restart the pc check the problem .
    you restore the default setting . use the share connectivity.

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