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    Screensaver not working in Mac after Mountain Lion update

    Just went for the Mountain Lion update in my Mac and now somehow I donít know even after selecting the appropriate screen saver it doesnít kick start at all. Just get stuck up like that? Why? Is there any special way to fix and overcome this problem?

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    Re: Screensaver not working in Mac after Mountain Lion update

    Itís not a vital problem with your Mac Mountain Lion upgrade but still a valid point which needed to rectified and fixed when upgrading to Mountain Lion OS, so now to check if your problem is getting fixed go through the points given below,

    -> First things first, I am not sure whether you have tried to open the screensaver right after the Mountain Lion upgrade. If so you need to go for a restart to get the data refreshed properly. Just try to on the screensaver once again after the restart is done.

    -> Still not fixed? Then try installing some new screensavers for Mac getting it from the internet and then start it and check if the new screensavers work properly or not.

    -> If it doesnít help then probably you might for the update package from Apple to fix this issue and then make the screensaver work or try to install the Mountain Lion once again in your Mac which will solve many issues along with screensaver problem.

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