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    Script to mimic Mouse and Keyboard movement in Mac?

    Can you please give me more informations about the scripts which can be used in Mac? Is there any script which can mimic the Mouse and Keyboard movements dynamically?

    As like opening application? Clicking on specific place in the screen? Typing the content and so on?

    Please give me the full information about this.

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    Re: Script to mimic Mouse and Keyboard movement in Mac?

    Dear Guest, You can manipulate the movement of your mouse and operation of keyboard by using this simple software called Keyboard And Mouse Recorder(Mac). The website of the developer is here : http://alphaomega.software.free.fr/k...0Recorder.html Go to the link and download the software and Install it, then in the software there are specific buttons to record mouse movement/clicks and keystokes. Then use the play button to play the recorded movement.

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