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    SD card not recognized in Lion OS

    I have a Macbook which runs with the Lion OS and now when I try to insert my phone SD card it just not getting recognized at all. What should be done for this issue? Can you please guide me with the things which I have to do next to resolve this problem? Thanks.

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    satya praveen Array
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    Re: SD card not recognized in Lion OS


    Yeah! I have got your problem.

    1.You open the 'Disk Utility'.

    2.Now you can see the SD card there.

    3.If you cannot see the SD card there then the problem is may be with the SD card.

    4.You replace the SD with another SD i hope it will work.

    5.If it also does not work then the problem is with the drivers of your Mac OS.

    Have a nice day..........

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    Re: SD card not recognized in Lion OS

    Hi friend,

    If SD card not recognized in lion os due to many reasons behind.For resolve this problem you need to know type of issue and remedies for those problem.

    +++ Reasons for SD card not recognizing are :

    1. Due to SD card slot not working.

    2. Due to dust in the SD card slot.

    3. Due to loose connection.

    4. May be inserted SD card not supported or damaged.

    +++ Remedies for avoiding SD card slot recognizing problems :

    1. Clean the SD card slot.

    2. Remove the SD card and again re-insert it.

    3. If loose connection repair the card slot.

    4. If SD card slot damaged then consult the system specialist.

    5. Insert properly in correct way.

    Thank you............

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    Cool Re: SD card not recognized in Lion OS


    If you having the issue with the SD card that means the problem with driver or hardware .

    For the
    drivers issue with Mac you have to follow the steps:

    :: Check the driver compatibility issue of SD card.

    :: Try to repair the disk permission.

    :: Try to reinstall the driver that having the problem.

    :: Else uninstall the driver.

    :: And then restart the Mac system and then check it is automatically install or not,it is install automatically that means it is working.

    :: Otherwise download the latest driver from the sites.

    For that hardware problem ,you have to reset the system:

    :: Shutdown the computer and start again PC.

    :: At the time staring press and hold the Command option with the letter P and R keys before the grey screen appears on the system.

    :: Now you can hold the keys until the PC restarts.

    :: This will reset the NV RAM/P RAM in your Mac

    Now again put the SD card,and check it is recognized or not.

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    venki Array
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    Re: SD card not recognized in Lion OS

    hello friends..

    to solve the problem:

    1)first of all,the problem with driver for SD card

    2)uninstall the driver

    3)restart your system

    4)downloaded latest version of driver

    5)install into your system

    6)now connect your SD card

    your problem will be solved

    all the best

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    Re: SD card not recognized in Lion OS

    Hello Friend,

    Just Follow Some Steps Are :

    >> Firstly Insert That SD Card In The Mobile And Check That SD Card Work Properly Or Not
    >> If SD Card Not Work That Means That Card Is Damaged So That Not Recognized By The PC So Use The Other Card
    >> Than Remove That Card From The Phone And Insert The Card In The Card Reader Or The Adapter Than Insert In The PC
    >> Than Wait Few Mins Than They Recognized By The PC So Firstly Scan All The Contents Than Access The SD Card Memory.
    >> And Copy, Paste Or Transfer The Contents In The PC Or Card.

    I Hope That Info Is Usefully

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