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    SDHC card not showing up in the Finder windows in Mac

    Trying to check the SDHC card in my Mac Finder window but itís not showing up at all and comes in the disk utility. What should be done for this issue? Is it a common problem with the Mac or with the SDHC card? Please help me to debug this problem.

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    Re: SDHC card not showing up in the Finder windows in Mac


    SDHC card are the physically and electronically identical to standard capacity.

    * They are the flash memory card in general.

    Steps to be followed
    --> double click My computer .
    --> your card will be listed as a portable hard drive with other drives if any.
    --> Double click on the SDHC card to open.
    --> Locate file on your computer.
    --> Scroll down pop up menu and click copy.
    --> Drag and drop files from computer to card to copy there.
    --> Connect one of the USB cable to media card reader.
    --> Now your computer will recognize card as a storage media.


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