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    Search engine changed to Yahoo by default in Mac Safari

    Using the Mac safari for very long time but never faced this type of issue before. I am not sure whether itís a problem or a virus because whenever I try to change the search engine to google it just changes back to Yahoo as the default. Why is that? What should I do to make it work properly as before which shows only Google as the default in Mac Safari browser? If it is some virus issue in my Mac the how to solve it?

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    Samuel Array
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    Re: Search engine changed to Yahoo by default in Mac Safari

    Dear Friend...

    This problem is happen when there is any unwanted extension manager is enable in your browser setting.
    Now a days, even I am also facing the same issue. Every time I make Google my default search engine, it changes to some other pages.

    When I got fed up, I immediately uninstall the browser and downloaded its update version from the net.
    Same thing you can try.
    Just uninstall the previous version of Safari from your system preferences and then downloaded a fresh copy of its.
    Now install its setup and you can set your desired page which you want as search engine in your browser.

    Hope this info helps you,
    thank you...

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    My name is james Array
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    Re: Search engine changed to Yahoo by default in Mac Safari


    due to the Internet Problem

    due to the Safari Problem

    >>>>> Now you should Try the Following solution

    >> first, should Go to home screen

    >> Tap your Internet setting

    >> Connect Proper Internet

    >> then tap the Safari

    >> Open Yahoo and then check

    >> If your safari Problem

    >> Uninstall and Download new

    >> I hope your Problem Will solved



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    ckanth Array
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    Re: Search engine changed to Yahoo by default in Mac Safari

    Hi Friend,

    The Problem is Overriding the Settings by Other Browser Settings
    You need to Uninstall and Install the Updated Browser the Problem will Solve in your Mac

    Thank you.,

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    arunwillbe1 Array
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    Re: Search engine changed to Yahoo by default in Mac Safari

    Hi friend,

    Don't worry for search engine changed to yahoo default in your mac safari browser.For resolving this you need to follow the below steps

    +++ Steps to follow to change the search engine in safari to previous once from yahoo :

    1. First of all close the all programs and restart the mac system.

    2. Now locate the safari browser and open it.

    3. After open the safari browser move towards the top and tap the safari settings.

    4. In settings you will see the many options.

    5. Among this find and tap the search option.

    6. Now it will display the search engines available to set as default.

    7. So,select the search engine which you want to set as safari default page.

    8. Finally tap the save option to save the settings and restart the safari browser.

    Thank you...................

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