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    Sharing files and folders in Mac via LAN connection?

    I need to know the complete settings which need to be changed and the procedure to follow for sharing the files and folders between Mac and PC via LAN connection? So can you please give me more information regarding the same. I have no idea what to do as of now.

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    Re: Sharing files and folders in Mac via LAN connection?

    Hello guest, I assume you are using Windows OS in your PC. So this guide will show you how to share files between your PC and Mac Book.

    First of all connect both your systems via LAN Cable. Make sure install LAN drivers in both of the system.
    Then in Your MAC Select Finder
    Then Go to system Preferences.
    Then select file-sharing Checkbox.
    Then select + sing in the bottom.
    Choose the folder and select with whom to share the folder.(Everyone for if you wish to share with everyone.)
    Make sure to choose Read-Only for safety of your files.
    Then click of "Options".
    Then select the checkbox "Share files using SMB" , select done.
    Then go to "system preference" and select network again.
    Select WINS , give network bios name and Select workgroup.
    Give the same name in your windows PC and make Select apply. Then restart both of the computer and File sharing will be enabled.

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