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    Sims 3 Game update is not working in Macbook Pro?

    I am trying to update the Sims 3 Game in Macbook Pro and whenever I do that it just fails with some Unknown error occurred. What should I do now? Is there any fix for this problem? Can you please tell me how can I update the Sims 3 game in my Macbook Pro now?

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    Re: Sims 3 Game update is not working in Macbook Pro?

    Hello Friend,

    Just Follow Some Steps Are :

    >> For Update Process Firstly Performed The Following Task In The PC
    >> Means Download The MACKEEPER In The PC
    >> And Start The Scan Of The Software And Find The Affected Files In The PC
    >> And Clean That Files From The PC And Restart The PC
    >> After Than Make The Internet Connection In The PC
    >> Than Open The Following Website : http://www.thesims3.com/game/patches
    >> And Download The Update File For The Sims Game AND Installed In The PC Without Any Issue
    >> After That Restart The PC Than They Properly Installed In The PC.
    >> Than Access The Sims 3 Game.

    I Hope That Info Is Usefully

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