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    Skydrive application crashes in Mac Mountain Lion

    Installed the Skydrive application in my Mac which I thought will work fine without any issues but now whenever I try to run the application it just immediately crashes and I am unable to do anything to fix it. Why is that? Is it now supported in Mountain Lion or so?

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    Re: Skydrive application crashes in Mac Mountain Lion

    Hi friend,

    There are many issues behind the crash problem.If you implement the regular tips in your mac system then you won't face this crash an dfreeze problems.Some of the reasons for crash issue in skydrive application are

    ---> Due to skydrive application is not updated since a long time.

    ---> Due to presence of virus files in your system.

    ---> DUe to cache memory is full because of the crash problem occur.

    ---> Due to mac firmware is not updated.

    +++ Remedies to resolve the skydrive application crashing problem :

    1. First of all clear the cache memory regularly.

    2. Delete the skydrive app and re-install the new version.

    3. Check the virus files and delete them first.

    4. Update the mac and skydrive applications regularly.

    5. Restart the mac mountain lion to resolve the crash issue temporarily.

    Thank you.......................

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    Re: Skydrive application crashes in Mac Mountain Lion


    Microsoft sky drive is a cloud-based storage and syncing solution for everyone is to have a mac.

    Installing guide ---->
    * Double click on sky drive application to launch.
    * You will be warned that it is an app that you downloaded. Click to open.
    * Sky drive welcome screen will be displayed.
    * Provide your windows live id to sign in.
    * It will offer to create a sky drive folder. To accept click on done.
    * Setup is complete.

    -- Crashing of application means either you are not a admin user .
    -- Or you have a corrupted downloaded file which you need to re download.
    -- You can download from here.


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    Re: Skydrive application crashes in Mac Mountain Lion

    Dear Friend...

    The problem is might be related to the corrupt setup which you were downloaded some of the website which is not genuine.
    An skydrive set-up must have all the files and if any of the files is missing from its set-up, it definitely crashes.
    To fix this issue, you must refer some of the authentic website like softpedia, cnet, etc... These websites have almost all the software's and drivers for all kind of OS and Windows.

    If you face this issue, then I am giving you a link which helps you to download its original set-up from the website,

    This is the official link for download the skydrive set-up which is around 5 MB.
    When the download begins, save and install in your device and you will not any further issue now.

    Thank you..

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    Re: Skydrive application crashes in Mac Mountain Lion



    1. First restart the Mac devcie so that the all service begin again correctly.

    2. Now launch the skydrive apps and check again it is crashing.

    3. If it is then run the skydrive program as a admistrator.

    4. By doing this the apps begin with safe mode.

    5. If after that again see the same issue then uninstall the skydrive apps and is
    folder from the Mac.

    6. And again install the new setup with compatible mode and check it is working


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    Re: Skydrive application crashes in Mac Mountain Lion

    Hello Friend,

    Just Follow Some Steps Are :

    >> Firstly Uninstalled The Sky Drive Application From The PC
    >> And Restart The Mac PC
    >> After That Open The Following Website :
    >> And Download The Sky Drive From The Mac PC
    >> And Install In The PC Then Restart The PC
    >> After That Sky Drive Application Start The Working In Your PC Without Any Issue.

    I Hope That Info Is Usefully

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    Re: Skydrive application crashes in Mac Mountain Lion

    Well friend as you are saying that skydrive application crashes in your system then the best thing you can do is reinstall that.go through these steps.
    <>first of all uninstall the skydrive application which you have already installed in your system.
    <>now you should download any new and latest version of that to your system and install that.after that restart your system.
    Thank you

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    Re: Skydrive application crashes in Mac Mountain Lion

    Hello Sir,

    I think that you are facing the current problem in to your device due to the fact that you have not updated your apps since long time.

    SO my suggestion to you is that you simply have to download a latest version of the sky drive apps in to your device.

    Once you got the complete download then tap on the install.

    After that you have to follow the screen instructions for completing the installation process.

    Also your problem may be due to the some virus attack in to your device.

    So my suggestion to you is that you simply have to scan your device with a good antivirus.

    Never forgot to clear the scanning report from your device/

    Also clear all the cache from your device.

    I am sure that after doing the above you got the solution to your problem.

    That's all.

    Thank you.
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