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    Skype 6.5 fails to work on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

    I have downloaded the latest version of Skype and when trying to install the same on my mac machine running on OS X Snow Leopard the process fails always. I don't understand what is wrong with the Snow Leopard because the same app installed fine on Leopard.

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    Re: Skype 6.5 fails to work on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

    hello sir,

    it may happen that the skype apps that you have downloaded for your mac device may not be compatible to your device and hence fails to installed on to your device.

    So my suggestion to you is that you simply have to delete the current apps from your device and then you simply have to trace the following points

    the points are::::::::::::::>>>>>>>>>>>

    1) go to the android market.

    2)tap on the search bar.

    3) search the skype apps.

    4) here you have to choose one apps that is 0100% compatible to your mac device.

    5) proceeds for downloading it.

    6)then tap on the downloaded apps.

    7)then tap on the install options.

    That's all.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Skype 6.5 fails to work on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

    The problem might be occurring because:-
    -The cache memory might be full.
    -The Skype app might be corrupted.
    -There might be server problem.
    -Multiple heavy apps might be running in the background.
    -The app might have crashed.

    The solution to your problem is:-

    -Clear the cache of the Skype app first.-Restart the system and check whether the issue is resolved or not.
    -If not,then check whether the app is corrupted or not.
    -In such circumstances,uninstall the app.
    -Download the latest version of it and install it correctly.
    -Restart the system
    -Make sure there are not too much of multiple heavy apps running in the background.
    -If still problems persists,send a crash report of it to the care of Skype.
    -They will resolve the problem if it is there from their or server's side.

    Your problem will be solved.

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    Re: Skype 6.5 fails to work on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

    this may be due to low internet speed

    so try to use 3 G or wifi network

    clear the cache memory of the skype app

    close all the other apps and now check whether the issue is solved or not

    if not, then the app is corrupt

    so uninstall the current app

    and scan your device completely

    then download a latest version of skype

    and install it then restart your device

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    Re: Skype 6.5 fails to work on Mac OS X Snow Leopard



    1. This is the compatibility issue of Skype 6.5 app so you need to wait for
    responding the program.

    2. Try to reinstall the Skype 6.5 applications.

    3. Otherwise use the old version of Skype app from the store.

    4. Try to clear the Skype application cache file.

    5. Try to repair the disk permission.


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    Re: Skype 6.5 fails to work on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...................

    1.This may be the problem of the compatibility.

    2.As Skype 6.5 is the latest version it may be not compatible with your OS.

    3.If that is not your problem then the problem is with the Skype file.

    4.So you try to download the file from the Skype website.

    5.After downloading install it and it will work fine.

    That's it by doing as i said you can solve your problem.

    All the best..................

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