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    Steps to open idx files in Mac?

    I remember opening up the movie file with the subtitle before but now it doesn't work at all and the subtitle file is .idx file.

    So can you please give me the steps to open up the .idx file and make it work with the video as subtitles? It will be highly appreciable if you can give the solution soon.

    Thank you.

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    jpdmostwanted Array
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    Re: Steps to open idx files in Mac?

    Dear Guest,

    You can use Mplayer to play .isx files as subtitles,

    make sure to rename your subtitle file to the same name as the video file.

    Download Link for Mplayer(http://mplayerosx.sourceforge.net/)

    other wise if you have access to any machine running in windows then you can use the software VOBSUB(Link: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multime...s/VobSub.shtml)

    Download and install ,it can convert your subtitle(.idx) to subtitle(.srt)

    then you can again use it in your mac.

    And you can also use this windows application in mac using WINE(Link:http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/)

    Install wine and Install VOBSUB then convert.

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    mahhiads Array
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    Re: Steps to open idx files in Mac?

    Hello Friend,

    .IDX File Extension Means The Subtitle Of Videos And That File Similar To .SUB Files.
    idx-5119 (1).png
    Follow Some Steps :

    >> Firstly Installed Any One Software :

    1. MPLAYER
    2. VLC PLAYER etc

    >> Than Open Your Video

    >> And That File Open In The Video/Movie Timeline....

    All The Best

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    Bittoo Array
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    Re: Steps to open idx files in Mac?

    Dear Friend..

    No need to worry for opening idx files,
    These files require a player or you can say a support software for playing these files.
    idx files are quite similar to SUB files,
    The name of that player are:

    1. VLC:-VideoLAN VLC media player http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

    2. URUWorks Subtitle Workshop

    Both the players are able to open idx files and compatible in Mac as well,
    Now you will not fave any issue for playing these files,

    Hope i help you,
    Thank you.

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    Re: Steps to open idx files in Mac?


    Steps to Open a IDX files in Mac Before know the procedure or steps to open a IDX files in Mac then you should have basic idea about IDX (Indexing files) which has .idx used to indicate the index of computer .

    IDX files are commonly in-build-indexing function and follow some steps are :

    >>> Firstly you have to install a compatible version of Aid4mail and go to the Windows Explorer .

    >>> After that press a Window+E keys simultaneously .

    >>> Then click to the Tool option and go to the folder options .

    >>> Now click to the File tab option and scroll down a inset files .

    >>> After that identify a file type and click to the apply and go through "OK" .

    >>> Then try to opening a .idx files by double clicking it .


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    katrina Array
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    Re: Steps to open idx files in Mac?

    Dear User .......

    I will tell you that how to open the idx files in Mac ......

    So dear first of all go and turn on your Mac OS and then go to the home screen on a desktop ....After that just you know that the idx is related to the music ..SO just go to the internet and download the best and latest version of VLC PLAYER, MP PLAYER from it....And then just install on your mac OS ..And then at the end just open your idx file...Now you just see that it work's ...

    That's it ......
    ALL the best .......
    Thank you .....

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    bajigopikanth Array
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    Re: Steps to open idx files in Mac?

    hai friend ................
    yhe .idx file is the subtitle of the file name
    so to play these file you may have the media players like vlc,km player etc............
    thank you................

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    arunwillbe1 Array
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    Re: Steps to open idx files in Mac?

    Hi friend,

    You can open the idx files in mac system by implementing the below opening procedure.

    +++ Instructions to follow to open the idx files in your mac system :

    1. First of all turn on the mac system.

    2. After turn on locate the idx files where it got stored in mac.

    3. After locating just below it you will see the media files.So,open it through vlc player.

    4. While playing the media file move towards the top and tap the video option.

    5. Now you will see the sub - options.Among this option find and tap the subtitiles option.

    6. After tapping a new window will open to select the idx file.So,select the idx file.

    7. After tapping you will see the idx file subtitles while playing the media file.

    Thank you......................

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    beniwal Array
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    Re: Steps to open idx files in Mac?

    As you know that Idx files extension means the sub titles of f VIDEO that you want to open it.

    You have use the following steps;-

    ----Open your mac system

    ---Connect to Internet

    ---Download M player, VLC player

    ----Install one of the player

    ---now open the video these player

    ---After opening, you can solve your problem.

    All the best................

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    Re: Steps to open idx files in Mac?

    steps for the solution :
    1 open your device.
    2 now locate the idx files.
    3 now go to media files and open the media files.
    4 during the playing mode go to the video option.
    5 now go to the sub option.
    6 and then press on the subtitle option..
    7 thus a new window will open and then select the idx file.
    and then you will see the subtitle of the idx file.

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    nareshinsa123 Array
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    Re: Steps to open idx files in Mac?


    dear i will tel;l you that idx is the title of the file name.
    and i will tell you that it is related to the music.
    if you want to play thgis then download anew version vlc
    player and then install it and after the installation of the
    player go to this file and open it and now it will be open
    without any problem.

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    Re: Steps to open idx files in Mac?

    The idx files are not able to open directly but you can open this files while playing the related media file.
    That's means that this idx files are subtiles files for a particular media file only.For opening this follow the below things.
    First of all turn on the mac system and locate the media files for which this idx file is related.After locating double tap on it and play it.
    While playing you will see the videos option for this files on top of it.So,when you place the cursor on it.some more options will visible.Among this select and tap the subtitles options.After tapping a new window will open to select the idx files.So,select the idx files and tap this you idx files will along with the media file.

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    luck Array
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    Re: Steps to open idx files in Mac?

    Hello Dear Friend ...

    Go to the VLC link and the Wi Ki

    There you need to change the text encoding

    After this go to the VLC ... then go for the Preferences

    Go to the input/codecs .

    There click on other codecs

    After this click on the Subtitle

    Then you need to choose the file formats

    From there you just select the idx file

    Right click it

    And Click on OPEN

    That is it


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    ozvert Array
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    Re: Steps to open idx files in Mac?


    First open the video file in VLC media player.
    Now right click in center of playing video, and expand video track.
    In subtitles track tap on open file.
    Then locate IDX file and open it.
    Then it's done....
    watch this for assistance....

    Hope you may understand........

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    somas769 Array
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    Re: Steps to open idx files in Mac?

    Hello Friend

    First of all Click "Tools" option in the Menu bar and then go to "Folder options".

    Now click on the "files types' tab.

    Scroll down in the insert file type box and identify the listing for IDX file types in the left hand column.

    After you have identified the file type, click on the corresponding in the right hand column and select the Aid4Mail application form the drop down menu.

    Now you will select the "Apply" followed by "OK" and then try to opening the .idx file by double clicking it.

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