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    Steps to take if my Macbook Air is lost?

    My Macbook Air is lost by yesterday and now I have no idea what should I do to find it out. Is there anyway I can track it? Can someone please provide me the useful steps which I need to follow for getting it work properly without any problem? Thank you.

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    Re: Steps to take if my Macbook Air is lost?

    Hi friend,

    It is very sad if you lost the macbook.Here i mentioned the precautions to take after you lost the macbook air.

    ---> Immediately give the police complaint.

    ---> Enquir about you macbook air among your friends because they may take your macbook without your permission.

    ---> If you have done insurance then request for insurane to get new macbook air

    ---> Search for macbook where you lost.

    ---> If you have any recognizing software then find out where it is presently through macbook IP address.

    ---> Remember where you kept the macbook air last.

    Thank you........................

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    Re: Steps to take if my Macbook Air is lost?

    Dear Friend...

    MacBook is a device which do not have any kind of tracking facility.
    This option is only available in Mobile.

    If you lost your MacBook, then its too difficult to get back. However, there is only 1 possibility that you can find it.
    If the MacBook is running over internet, then you can simply trace your MacBook.
    Whenever someone try to run your MacBook over net, you can simply trace the MacBook through its IP address.

    Try to call the Cyber Crime Cell and tell then about your problem.
    They will take your email Id and trace your MacBook via IP Address.

    However, the possibilities are very less because they generally don't work on such kind of issues.
    Thank you..

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