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    "Symantec AntiVirus Error" on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

    On my mac machine am always getting an error message box with the text "Symantec AntiVirus Error, The Auto Protect could not continue, Please run LiveUpdate and restart." but after clicking on continue nothing happening, what should be done now in order to fix this error?

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    Re: "Symantec AntiVirus Error" on Mac OS X Snow Leopard


    Suggestions ------------->
    * You need to visit the control panel in device.
    * Now uninstall the antivirus from that.
    * You must purchase a Quick heal antivirus.
    * Free version and purchased version is available at apple store.
    * Now you need to download and install it.
    * Make sure to have the fast net connection.
    * Do not download any app from unsafe site or unsafe region.
    * Always update the software to latest one, use fast net connection for this.
    * Visit the security area in device to update the software files.
    * Always recommended using fast net connection for this.
    * Save the device from all kind of virus attack.
    * You can also purchase this antivirus from shopping sites or near store.
    * Increase the RAM of the device if it is lower.
    * For this you need to visit the service center very soon.
    * Also maintain space in the device memory, have the memory cleaner app to clean memory.
    * Have the backup of the important files soon.


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    Re: "Symantec AntiVirus Error" on Mac OS X Snow Leopard


    due to the Antivirus Corrupted

    >>>> Now you should Try the Following solution

    >> Fest, you close all running apps

    >> Then Tap the Home screen and go to Antivirus

    >> Uninstall this Antivirus

    >> Download Lisk avast Antivirus

    >> and then Install on your device

    > I hope your Problem Will solved



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