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    Unable to delete ".dmg" file on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

    Under Disc utility folder there is folder created with the name ".dmg". This folder was created when I was trying to compress the file. I am unable to delete this folder in any means. Please tell me what procedure I have to follow so as to remove this folder permanently from my machine.

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    Re: Unable to delete ".dmg" file on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

    Hello Friend

    After completing rebooting you system you will go and select the which you want to delete the dmg file. On that DMG file

    You will select and Click the Right button. Now one window is open in this window you will select the Delete option. Now it

    is deleted and it will goes in recycle bin. If you want this file again you will go and right click and select the restore

    button. If you want to delete this permanently you will press the shortcut key Shift+Delete.

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    Re: Unable to delete ".dmg" file on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

    Hi friend,

    Don't worry about this,You are facing this issue due to you open the file and trying to delete it.If you want to delete the particular thing then first close that particular thing and delete it.

    +++ Steps to delete the .dmg gile on mac os x :

    1. First of all close the all .dmg files which you open.

    2. After open locate the .dmg file where it is located.

    3. After locating select the .dmg files which you want to delete it.

    4. Now tap the options with the help of mouse.

    5. In options you will see the different options.Among this find and tap the delete option.

    6. After deleting once restart the system and check deleted files.

    Thank you..................

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