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    Unable to install PyOpenGL in Mac

    Planning to start making games with Python and for that I need to have the pre-defined application PyOpenGL to be installed in my Mac but when I try to install it just fails. What should I do now? Have someone installed PyOpenGL in Mac already? Can you please provide me the correct steps to be followed for installing it?

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    Re: Unable to install PyOpenGL in Mac

    Hi friend,

    While doing installation process you should very careful.If you do any mistake then it will lead to installation failure.So,implement the below steps for successful installation of any file in mac.

    +++ Steps to installation of pyopenGL in mac :

    1. First of all turn on the mac system.

    2. Now transfer the pyopengl file to your mac system.

    3. Now locate the file which your trasfer to your mac previously.

    4. After locating select the file and double tap on it.

    5. After you clicking the double tap you will see installation process.

    6. In installation process accept the terms and conditions.

    After successful installation restart the device and use the installed app.

    Thank you........

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    Re: Unable to install PyOpenGL in Mac

    For installing any application to your system you need to do below mentioned things
    Download or transfer pyopengl application to mac.Now find the application or file where it is stored.After finding select the downloaded application.Now go to the options of this particular application.In this options you will see the run administrator option.
    So,immediately select and tap this.After conforming it will start the install process.In this process if it ask any conditions then conform and it and proceed to next stage.
    Don't forgot after install you must restart the system other wise sometimes the install application won't work.

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    Re: Unable to install PyOpenGL in Mac

    Hello Dear friend ...

    Follow the below steps

    Many of the users of PtOpenGL should use pip

    Pip is to install PyopenGL opens automatically

    It can be installed either to

    @ System python

    @ or a virtualenv

    That is it


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    Re: Unable to install PyOpenGL in Mac

    hiii friend,

    1)check whether the file you are using to install the application is corrupted or not
    2)if it corrupted then use another file to install in your mac
    3)check whether there is any virus in your system if present then clean it using the antivirus application
    4)check whether the app is installed properly or not
    5)sometimes this type of problems occur due to compatibility issues
    6)check the version your are using is suitable with the the os and hardware configuration of your system

    thanks for posting

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