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    Unable to move the Emails to Trash in Apple Mail on Mac OS X Lion

    I get a warning message when I try to move any email to trash in Apple mail on my mac machine with os x Lion. And the message is 'mail cannot be moved to trash, file exists'. This problem is started recently, before I could trash any of the email. I have not changed any settings for this behavior, please provide a solution for me.

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    Re: Unable to move the Emails to Trash in Apple Mail on Mac OS X Lion


    To solve that problem you can go with these steps....

    ===>First of all make sure that you internet connection is proper and work well.
    ===>Now launch the Mail app on your system.
    ===>Logging into your Apple account with valid Apple ID and password.
    ===>After that click on Inbox to read archive messages.
    ===>Now select and click on the mail that you want to move.
    ===>After clicking mail message will open.
    ===>At the top of mail window you will see the Action option.
    ===>Just click on Action and than Move.
    ===>After that select Trash folder as a message destination.
    ===>After that your selected mail will be move successfully.

    Try this i hope this will help you...

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