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    Unable to print Microsoft Word documents in Mac OS X 10.6

    I have installed Mac OS X 10.6 but facing an issue with it. I am not able to print my Microsoft Word Documents. I have an HP laser jet printer so checked with HP troubleshooting protocols as well and everything looks fine. What can be the reason for the same? Can you provide some kind of help?

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    Re: Unable to print Microsoft Word documents in Mac OS X 10.6

    Hello Sir,I think that if you are facing the problem in printing a document from your device then there is definitely the case of the settings that you are missing to set.I think that there is no technical problem in your device for the current problem that you are facing.My suggestion to you is that you simply have to reset all the settings on your device and also you have to set the settings of the printer that you are going to connect on your device.There should be the perfect driver for the printer that you are going to connect to your device.I am sure that after checking the above details you will definitely got the solution to your current problem.Thank you.

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    Re: Unable to print Microsoft Word documents in Mac OS X 10.6

    The problem of printing of msworld document is occuring due to following reason1 ms world software problem2 printer problemfollow these steps of resolution of your problem1 open your mac than check version of ms world document2 also update its version3 also replace your ms world software4 install new software5 now check your printer6 check following things...printer....cartiage...ink....a4 paper7 than changeprinting software 8 connect it to macyour problem will be solved.

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    Re: Unable to print Microsoft Word documents in Mac OS X 10.6

    The reasons for which you were not in a position to take microsoft print out:-

    1.You should uninstall your old printers' configuaration.

    2.Install new edition and compitable printers configuaration.

    3.Check your printer's ink status.

    4.If necessiates then change the old cartritdges.

    5.Check all wire coonnections.

    These steps will be helpful to regulate your printing.

    Thank You,

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    Re: Unable to print Microsoft Word documents in Mac OS X 10.6

    Hi friend,

    There are many reasons if you are unable to print the microsoft word documents from mac.For resolving first of all you should know the reasons behind it and implement the remedies according to the issue.Some of the reasons are

    ---> Due to connection between system and printer is loose connection.

    ---> May be the connecting wires are damaged.

    ---> Due to Printer is not wroking.

    ---> May be the power in your printer is not turned on.

    ---> Due to printer drivers is not installed properly in your mac system.

    +++ Remedies to resolve the unable to print microsoft word documents :

    1. If any loose connection then rectify it.

    2. If connecting wires are not working then change to new.

    3. Check the power is turned on for printer and turn on if not turn on.

    4. Contact the printer specialist for resolving the problem.

    Thank you.......................

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    Re: Unable to print Microsoft Word documents in Mac OS X 10.6

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...........

    1.Firstly check that you have selected your printer in the print options of the Microsoft Office.

    2.Then you check the cable of your printer.

    3.Then you check that your inkjet may be empty.

    4.Or this may be the problem of your microsoft Office.

    5.So you re-install that software or repair that software.

    All the best.............

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    Re: Unable to print Microsoft Word documents in Mac OS X 10.6

    Dear Friend..

    You definitely missed something while set-up your printer.
    Cross check these settings again:-

    1. The mac OS compatibility which you can confirm from the Printers Drivers CD whether it shows Mac OS name in the list.
    2. Installation of Drivers from the CD in Mac
    3. Check the cartridge or ink powder whether they are filled or blank.
    4. Drivers and cable connections.

    In all these options, you have to install the drivers for the printer carefully which i think missing from your Mac,
    So un-install the drivers and re-install them again by following all the formalities.

    Also check that the Cartridge are filled with ink powder or not.
    If they are blank, then refill the cartridge again.

    Thank you..

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