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    Unable to resize the time machine partition size on Mountain Lion

    I have a Macbook Pro which runs with the Mountain Lion OS and now I just wanted to resize the partition of the Time Machine backup which I am not able to do. I am not able to find any options available for that. Can someone share me with the information on this soon? Thanks.

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    Re: Unable to resize the time machine partition size on Mountain Lion


    Suggestions ------------->
    * Re install the time machine and then perform the partition.
    * Restore the backup and then create a new one.
    * Now you can re size the partition easily.
    * Partition size should not be more than the available space in disk.
    * You can also perform the defragmentation in the disk.
    * This is because the software can not identify the partition many time.
    * Now you can do the partition of the machine recognized.
    * Perform the memory cleaner app to clean the memory of the device.
    * Device software must be in updated format.
    * Use fast net connection for this update.
    * Have the backup of all important file and folder and also of internal settings.


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