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    Unable to send mail above 40MB in Mac mail application

    The mail goes into the confirm w/ recipient but still it just gives the error message saying cannot send mail of 40mb. Is there anyway which I can follow to send it? What steps need to be done for that?

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    Re: Unable to send mail above 40MB in Mac mail application

    Hi friend,

    It is not possible to send the send 40MB mail.Remember you can send only 25 MB mail at a time.So,if you want to send the mail 40MB then you need to send the multiple mails.Follow the below instructions to send.

    +++ Steps to send the mail 40MB without error :

    1. First of all turn on the mac system.

    2. After turn on locate the mail application and open it.

    3. After open enter the login details and login to your account.

    4. Now move towards the left corner and tap the compose mail.

    5. Tap the attache option and upload the file less the 25MB.

    6. Now enter the destination mail address and conform the transfer.

    7. Now if you want to send the remaining MB then send in another mail.

    Thank you....................

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    Re: Unable to send mail above 40MB in Mac mail application


    You have a restriction to send mail above 40MB.
    For this you need to open gmail from browser.
    There log in and try to send the mail.

    Its better to divide the mail to two groups if possible.
    You need to get a fast net connection .
    This will enable you to send large mail.
    Also make sure that you use correct receiptant.


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