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    Unable to update iPhoto in Macbook Air

    I am not able to update in built applications like iPhoto and iMovie in Macbook Air. Couple of times, I have restarted the system also but same problem is occurring. Can anyone please help me with a solution?

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    mahhiads Array
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    Re: Unable to update iPhoto in Macbook Air

    Hello Friend,

    Just Follow Some Steps Are :

    >> Firstly Download The MACKEEPER In The PC

    >> And Start The Scan Of The Software And Find The Affected Files In The PC
    >> And Clean That Files From The PC And Restart The PC
    >> Than Open The iPhoto Application Than Click On The Preference And Select The General Tab
    >> Than Deselect The Automaticallu Update Process
    >> Than Click On The iPhoto Than You See The Check For Update And Click On It
    >> Than If Update Available Than Update The iPhoto
    >> And Restart The PC.

    I Hope That Info Is Usefully

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    Re: Unable to update iPhoto in Macbook Air

    Hi friend
    this problem can be occure because of the virus in the files or because of the corrupted files
    to solve this problem ,just follow these steps-
    1. Download and install good quality antivirus and then scan the whole system.
    2. After that remove that app which are crashed.
    3. Now, go to mac app store here download the needed apps.
    4. Fully install the apps in your system in the right way.
    5. After that restart the device.
    Run the app now.
    Your problem is solve
    all the best

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    luck Array
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    Re: Unable to update iPhoto in Macbook Air

    Hello my dear Friend ....

    Once check your Console ..

    For that go to the Applications

    Navigate to the " Utilities " then

    So next go to the " console.app "

    There you can find the ERROR ..

    So there by you can easily Tackle the Error

    Disable the Spotlight by adding Macintosh HD to the Privacy Tab of Spotlight Preferences ..

    Remove the Root Drive

    So now Update option will be Highlighted

    There select the App and Click UPDATE now option

    That is it

    If it does not work .. then

    Delete it ... and Download it again from the Mac Apple ID

    You can Get it from the Mac's Home page

    That is it


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    ANKUR Array
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    Re: Unable to update iPhoto in Macbook Air

    Hello sir,

    I think that The possible reasons for your current query are:::::::::::::>>>>>

    ** It seems to me that there is too much virus attack on the apps and hence you are not able to update the apps in to your device.

    ** The other reason may be that the new update that you have will be corrupted.

    ** There may be cache collection problem in to your device.

    ** There may be improper internet connection on your device.

    So the possible solutions to your current problem are::::::::::::>>>>>>>>

    * First of all restart your device.

    * Then download a good antivirus on your device and then install it to your device and then scan your device for the virus report.

    * After that clear all the virus list from the virus report.

    * Also clear all the cache memory from your device.

    * Check the internet connections on your device and if you feel that there is some interruptions in the settings then reset the internet settings.

    Hope you got the solution after going through the above content.

    That's all.

    Thank you.

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