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    What is the undo command on Mac?

    Need to use the command for undoing the previous things which I do in Mac but I just donít know what is the command to follow for that.

    Can you please give me the command which is used for that? Where all I can use the command? Is it possible for me to override the command key with something else of my own? Steps to do that?

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    saicharan Array
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    Re: What is the undo command on Mac?

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem it is:-

    The shortcut for the undo command on Mac is

    'Apple symbol+Z'.

    I hope it will help you.

    All the best......

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    Re: What is the undo command on Mac?

    * Undo is an important feature in modern software technology..!

    * It allows you to take a reverse or take back multiple edits to a dcument....!!

    * In Mac also this feature of Undo is available.....!!

    * You have to hold the Apple key and Press 'Z' for undo... ie Command+Z

    * If multiple undo is available , repeat for each subsequent mistakes commited....!!

    * If you wish to redo press Shift+Command+Z...

    * You can use it anywhere in the documents for undo and redo purposes...!

    * It is not recommendable or advisable to override the standard command key as usual overriding...!! Pls dont attempt ...!

    :-) :-)

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    samerjeet singh Array
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    Re: What is the undo command on Mac?

    Undo command has a usefull option in the mac. This command is used to refuse someaction in the make. Mean when you delete something or do something new after choosing undo option your selction is undone. And you will go back where you have started.You can choose undo command from keyborad by pressing ctrl U.Good luck.

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