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    Where to get the blu-ray burning software for Asus SBW 06D2X on Mac?

    I wanted to know the place where we can get the blu-ray burning software for Asus SBC 06D2X on Mac? Kindly provide me the complete steps which we need to follow to burn the blu-ray disc as well. Thank you.

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    Re: Where to get the blu-ray burning software for Asus SBW 06D2X on Mac?

    Hi friend,

    There are many blu-ray burning softwares available for asus SBW 06D2X on mac system.Here i mentioned the list of burning software and websites for downloading them

    +++ List of blu-ray burning softwares for the asus SBW on mac system :

    1. Finder.

    2. iDVD.

    3. DVD Cloner for mac.

    4. Mac Burn.

    5. Express Burn Plus.

    6. NTI Dragon burn.

    +++ Steps to follow to burn the dic using the burning softwares in mac :

    1. First of all download and install any of the above burning softwares.

    2. Now insert the empty disc to disc drive and open the disc through installed software.

    4. After open tap the add option now a new window will open to select the data which you want to burn.

    5. Select the blu-ray data and tap done.

    6. Now finally tap the burn option and wait until the burning process completes.

    After completion of burn once check the burned disc working or not not by re-insert it again.

    Thank you.................

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