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    Where to save the python files to import it again in Mac?

    I just created a test module and saved it under the Document folder and when I tried to import the module I got the error as “Cannot find the module”. What’s going wrong? Why I am not able to executed the modules again?

    Is there some other default place where I need to save it? Can you please tell me more details about this?

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    ashu_krish Array
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    Re: Where to save the python files to import it again in Mac?

    Hello Guest This is the common error faced in python files so please don't panic and stick to this post to get the solution which is as follows , You can save the module anywhere the thing is , when you execute the module you need to give that path where you have stored the module , I hope you are getting , I am trying to say that Save the module which is easiest to write or remember , and while executing just give that remembered path , I am sure your module will get executed , If after following this you are facing the same error then save that module in mac directory and execute the module hopefully this time it will be executed . Hope the post was useful , please feel free to ask further . Thank you

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    Re: Where to save the python files to import it again in Mac?

    hello guest
    follow these steps to solve your problem :-
    - first of all right click there and make a new folder.
    - give it as name of tem orary folder.
    - now save all those file here.
    - from here you can import all your python file again and again
    good bye

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