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    Why Mac App store not allowing me to log in?

    Recently I am facing this problem with my Mac it runs with the latest Mountain Lion and whenever I try to login to the App store it just says “An unknown error has occured” and I am not able to do anything at all after that. What to do to fix this issue? Please give me the steps to follow for overcoming this problem?

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    Re: Why Mac App store not allowing me to log in?

    Hello Dear aspirant .. When Mac app store not allowing to log in : Then Make sure that you are firstly registered . if not first get registered , it takes only few minutes . Fill up all the particulars and click on I accept the terms and conditions . and after all the steps you can now log -in with your details. if there is logging issue then enter your password correctly. in case if you have forgotten your password click on forgot password . and a verification link will be sent to your mail id provided , Go open your mail account and click on that link , you will be redirected and change your password by answering any of the security question. Thank you..

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    Re: Why Mac App store not allowing me to log in?

    Hello dear........
    The app store may be corrupted or some type of bugs will create these type problems.
    SO, download an efficient anti virus and install it.
    Then clean the system and make it virus free.
    Even you are facing the same problem ......
    Then check that you had provided the username and password correctly......
    even the problem arises then
    Re-download the app store using a webbrowser and then install it.......

    Hope you may understand........

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    Re: Why Mac App store not allowing me to log in?

    Dear friend...

    When ever you you log-in to a new account as a fresh user, you have to register yourself.
    First you go to the Mac page and click on create new account.
    When you do this, fill your all basic details like name, age, sex, address, phone no, etc.
    After that write your desired email ID and password which you want to create for a new user,
    Confirm the password and accept their terms and conditions.

    When you finish all these steps, your ID will be registered.
    Now go to the main page again and log in now with your Email ID and password,

    There is no error while log-in.
    Thank you...

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    Re: Why Mac App store not allowing me to log in?

    Hi friend, whenever you can going to log in to new user you can log in for fresh account first you can registered with the fresh account and then you can directly log in Mac App store thank you

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