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    Why ubd process taking up huge CPU load in Mac?

    Checked the Activity Monitor in my Mac and now I just recognized that “ubd process” is taking up 100% of CPU usage. Why is that? Is it ok to kill this process? I just need the full information regarding this problem. Thank you.

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    Re: Why ubd process taking up huge CPU load in Mac?


    You need to restart your mac to get rid of that problem.
    If you kill that process system may be un responsive.
    So it is better either to wait or restart mac.
    Make sure that no unwanted application is installed in mac.
    Also have a antivirus to save your data further.


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    Re: Why ubd process taking up huge CPU load in Mac?

    Hello Friend

    Ubd means Ubiquity server process.

    It is basically used for "mobile Documents" which is an iCloud Feature for Synching files and documents from your iOS devices to the Cloud.

    There are no configuration option to UBD, and users should not run UBD manually.

    A log file can be found in ~/Library/logs/Ubiquity/[username]ubiquity.log.

    "UBD " is used to Known to sometimes cause high CPU usage and making a loud noise even if you are not using your mac heavily.

    Now you can check how much CPU "UBD" is using form the Activity monitor.

    You have this problem on your Mac you can try to kill the process form the terminal althoug sometimes it 'comes back'.

    Now you will deleting your iCloud account form your Mac,Restart your computer and re-add it again.

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