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    Will my Mac get spoiled if I do force shutdown?

    My Dad was advising me not to do force shutdown in my Mac at times because it will spoil the system. Is that really true? Can it happen for a Mac? I mean it should be perfect whatever happens right? Can you just tell me what will the problem in doing force shutdown in Mac? So that I will be aware the next time when I do it.

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    Re: Will my Mac get spoiled if I do force shutdown?


    If you do force shut down then --->
    * You may face loosing data.
    * System may not boot in normal mode in next boot.
    * Some apps may be missing .
    * System files may be damaged.

    *** So never perform force boot.
    *** Try to wait till full system did not shut down.


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    Re: Will my Mac get spoiled if I do force shutdown?

    Dear Friend....

    Force shutdown only requires when your system or device get hang or stop abruptly.
    Most of the time, people use force shutdown in normal ways but if you go for this in pathetic situation, then it can be in your favor because at the time of hanging or corruption, all your apps and OS start working very strangely and then you need force shutdown where as in normal way if you go for force shutdown, it may lead to many causes like:-

    1. OS corruption
    2. Hard disk damage or Hard disk blockage
    3. RAM damage
    4. Power issue, etc...

    So these can be issue if you go for force shutdown.
    Beware of these and take care next time.

    Thank you...

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