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    Wireless keyboard not pairing up with Mac after restart

    Facing this issue for some time in my Mac where the wireless keyboard is not getting detected at all but it was working before and I tried disconnecting and connecting back again but still I have the same issue. What can be done for this problem? Can someone give me the points which I need to follow for fixing the issue?

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    Re: Wireless keyboard not pairing up with Mac after restart

    Actually see the settings once and if any wrong exists, then correct it.

    Also Reset option:

    << 1.>> "Firstly turn off the Keyboard, Remove the Batteries".
    << 2.>> "Click the Bluetooth icon and then select Set up Bluetooth Device".
    << 3.>> "It starts searching after the Bluetooth Assistance is Up".
    << 4.>> "Insert the batteries and Hold the Power button key".
    << 5.>> "Now your Keyboard is appearing in the assistance".
    << 6.>> "Now select the Keyboard from the list".
    << 7.>> "Click on Continue".
    << 8.>> "Once you get the pairing code , go of the power button and type the code".

    Now your keyboard will get paired, ( NOTE: You should hold the power button for the entire process --- Don't forget this.)

    Thanks and keep posting.

    We are here for you.

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    Re: Wireless keyboard not pairing up with Mac after restart

    wireless keyboard does not require any wires it works in mac with the help of bluetooth.


    Inorder to make the wireless keyboard to work with mac we have to first pair the keyboard with mac.

    steps for pairing the keyboard with mac.

    ------>power on the swithch in the wiressless keyboard.

    ------->click on the apple menu ---->choose system preferences ----->bluetooth.

    -------->now select the apple wireless keyboard from the left menu .

    -------->delete the keyboard that is paired by pressing the (-) button on the bottom.


    Now steps for pairing

    ------>Make sure your keyboard is on.

    ------>see the status of the led in the keyboard it should begin blinking if the keyboard is not already paired.

    ------->now the keyboard is in the discoverable mode.

    -------->click apple menu---->system preference---->bluetooth

    -------->now click on the setup bluetooth keyboard located at the bottom to open the bluetooth setup assistant.


    -------->Now select the wireless keyboard that appears and pair with the mac you have to provide the 8 digit key to pair and press return button.

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