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    "Xcode got an error: NSReceiveEvaluationScriptError." while starting Macbook Pro

    I have Macbook Pro currently running on the OS X Lion, and now days im getting few error during its startup. But am usually getting this error "Xcode got an error: NSReceiveEvaluationScriptError." I have restarted multiple times but no progress, what is the solution for the error?

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    Re: "Xcode got an error: NSReceiveEvaluationScriptError." while starting Macbook Pro


    Suggestions ------------>
    * You can have the update of the all the application.
    * This problem is because one of your app is failed to perform a task.
    * You need to on the auto update in device.
    * This feature must be in the system preference panel.
    * Now Connect to net using fast net connection.
    * Slow connection will cause many problem.
    * Hope this will solve the problem you mentioned.

    Remember ------->
    * Update to the latest software in device is highly needed.
    * You need fast net connection for this update.
    * Do not download any software from any unsafe site.
    * Make sure that device is free from virus status.
    * Have the antivirus in device and update the virus definitions.
    * Also see that RAM in device is up to maximum limit.
    * You can visit the service center and can upgrade the RAM.
    * Maintain space in the device memory every time.
    * Use memory cleaner app to clean the memory of the device.
    * Never download any application from non market.
    * This is because it bring the risk of the virus and damage the software.
    * Also have the backup of the important files.


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