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    Facing battery issues in Macbook Air

    I am facing problem with battery health after upgrading Snow Leopard in my Macbook Air. I have rebooted the system again but it didnít help in solving the problem. What should I do next? Please suggest a solution.

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    Re: Facing battery issues in Macbook Air

    hi friends...
    this problem might be due to following reasons:
    /running so many heavy app at same time on your device.
    /virus problem in the device.
    /poor condition of battery.

    solution for this problem:
    /scan your device with good quality of antivirus to remove the virus.
    /please do not use so many app at same time.
    /also reduce the brightness of device.
    /close all the unwanted open apps.
    /turn on the power save mode also.
    /if problem remain as yet then please replace the battery with original one.
    good luck.........

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